GREATER HANDS FOUNDATION is a registered organization here in Nigeria. The organization is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, faith-based, charitable and independent organization.


Our major objectives are:


  1. To build a networking activities with organizations relevant to the programmes of GREATER HANDS FOUNDATION to exchange information, undertake research, provide campaign support and enhance capacity building with a view to maintain close links on matters of common interest.


  1. To improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS, malaria and other tropical disease; and to defend promote and encourage youth development and empowerment including orphans and vulnerable children and children living with HIV/AIDS.


  1.   To build respect for the rights and privileges of others and the debased in         the society including orphans and vulnerable children.


  1. To encourage, promote and create awareness on reproductive health issues e.g. female genital mutilation.


  1. To educate and lead the people especially  those devastated spiritually to the need to brazen up to life, reconcile with God through Jesus Christ, know their Godís given right to succeed in the realm of the physical without molestation; and provision of alternative source of  livelihood activities to promote sustainable living.